Black people in austria

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The murder of Afro-American George Floyd at the hands of a police officer elicited a global chorus of outrage. To see somebody being ruthlessly killed in eight minutes and 46 seconds leaves you speechless, if not angry and at least in pain—no matter who you are and where you live. In Austria, out of 8.

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And yet it did. Politician, medical doctor and political activist Mireille Ngosso planned a small rally with for participants.

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Following the burgeoning interest online, she and other like-minded colleagues then registered a rally for 3, people. So, why would so many people protest police brutality against Blacks in Austria? How do people in Austria relate to the murder of George Floyd in far-away Minneapolis? In an op-ed written by two Black Austrian activists in the daily Presse[4] the authors remind us that police brutality against Black people has a long history in Austria. On May 1,a year-old Marcus Omofuma, who had been detained after his requests for asylum were denied, was physically placed on a plane for his deportation to Nigeria.

Omofuma tried to resist and was bound to his seat with adhesive tape, making him unable to move. He was gagged, his breath was severely restricted, and he died during the flight. Eight hundred and fifty police officers stormed the homes of African activists, including refugees, and arrested of them, who were subsequently presented by media as criminals.

The defense had argued that Omofuma, who had sought asylum but was declined, was culpable in his own death as he had resisted deportation. InSenegalese-born Ahmed F. Other people can be mentioned: Richard Ibekwe, who died in custody; year-old Johnson Okpara, who jumped out of a window during an interrogation in a juvenile detention center; Edwin Ndupu, Yankuba Ceesay, and Essa Touray.

Mike B. Another infamous case was Cheibani Wague, who lost his life at the hands of ten people, six police officers, one medical doctor, and three ambulancemen on July 15, Four years later, the doctor and one police officer were convicted to seven months of suspended prison time.

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This incident, and the ones mentioned above, demonstrate that police brutality and killing exists for Blacks in Austria. It also shows that this problem is more than a question of the prejudices of single police officers but rather a problem of structural racism. And this plays out accordingly. And it clearly reveals the neglected racial divide. While BLM Austria, which organized the rally in front of the US embassy, is not formally connected to BLM in the US, it has been clearly influenced by the mother movement, as the slogans, images and the protest culture reveal.

Later, she wrote in a piece for Vice that it was my biography on Malcolm X that triggered Naomi who writes with her pseudonym Imoan Kinshasa to reflect deeper about her own Blackness and subsequently on questions of self-respect and self-determination. Rallies took place in eight out of nine Austrian states and mobilized nearlypeople on the streets within one week. This is an incredibly large given the small size of the country. As a participant observer at the largest rally in Vienna, I would regard the majority of demonstrators as white and under the age of The protagonists of the demonstration are aware that there is still a long way to go on the road to racial justice.

Following the rally, Mireille Ngosso recalls being asked by journalists whether there is racism in Austria. To her, such questions reveal the extent of the negligence by the white establishment. But she is optimistic. Black Movement Austria was born out of the protests, and seeks to organize Black people to protest, educate and spread awareness in order to change the reality of Black people in Austria.

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While BLM has become the largest social movement in the United States since the s and protesters are questioning entire institutions like the police, this movement of young people in Austria might have the potential to challenge structural racism on a larger scale than ever before. Hafez has more than publications and publishes in internationally renowned journals such as Politics and ReligionOxford Journal of Law and ReligionPatterns of Prejudice and German Politics and Society.

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Black people in austria

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