Christian love quiz

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By clicking " Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Scroll To Start Quiz. I already have children: a Pomeranian named "Andy" and a Beagle named "Chucky. I'll just have to deal with that when they get here. How many kids will fit in a flashy, speedy two-seater? As many as possible. Vinyasa yoga. Video games. We hit up the buffet. After church, I go to church. You mean I'm not dreaming right now? I dunno. What do you suggest?

After I'm certain that everyone else's eyes are closed. Thirty-four minutes and three seconds after church service. What plunge? I court for a lifetime. No lawyers, please. As long as he courts me in a very public place. Upper and bottom cleavage at all times. Only at the club every week.

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Cleavage is the hills and valleys that the Bible speaks of. My cleavage is where Genesis meets Exodus, and where Exodus turns into Leviticus Wherever our imagination takes us.

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Up and down on a rollercoaster. Anywhere I can be seen. I can "cook up" any takeout on my phone in mere seconds. You never know what you'll get with my cooking. I bought the nicest chef hat the other day to match my new manicure. You should see it! Meat and potatoes are just what the good Lord intended. Life's still a playground! It was okay. We moved around a lot. Judging by my photo album, I had a fabulous childhood. Heavens, no! Ginkgo Biloba. Our Father I'd never hit my children; they might bite back.

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I've spun a few poles and I came out just fine. Especially when others are looking.

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Spare the rod, spoil a nation. Get thee behind! As the Bible says, "Ignore 'punctual' and it shall flee. Jesus was on time, so everyone is expecting me to be on time. On-timeliness is next to godliness. Mix it all up. I'll drink anything.

Anything but water. The trendiest beverage. Holy water. What shirt? Let it all hang out, boo bae! He just needs to tuck it in before the neighbors come over for tea. Tucked in, suited and booted! I like my man barefoot and primal. If the shoes don't produce corns and bunions, they're not worth wearing. Dressy and rubber, for protection when lightning strikes all the heathens around him. Why yell when you can sing to the television?

News shows, no; cartoons, yes. I'd only be uncomfortable if he wasn't watching me. Televisions are the devil's pulpit. None shall enter mine temple. An "at times I forget that I'm a Christian," kind of a Christian. I'm a walk-the-talk kind of a Christian. Do you need me to show you? I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. Whenever the wind blows in that direction. More than once a year. Every Sunday, during the most populated service. Every moment that I breathe. I honestly have no idea. I will not! How clean do you want it to be? It's that clean!

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Reading makes my brain hurt. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. New Testament.

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Commandments, commandments, commandments. Old Testament. I hear that Adam and Eve were frolicky-free in Genesis. Saul switched up his beliefs in Acts. Any of the gospels; Pontius Pilate's attire must have looked fierce at Jesus' sentencing. The Bible is my favorite book of the Bible. On assorted laps in the congregation. I stand as close to the door as possible.

I make a procession to the front row. I sit in the pulpit so that I can hear every word crystal clear. Gluten-free onion. It gives me gas, but tastes delish! Kitchen duty; I expect to get the best piece of chicken every time. Any role that'll let everyone know that he's my man. The pastor. Hats crush my messy, earthy hairstyle, so I leave them in the store. If my 'do isn't did, then I rock a hat. Only wide-brimmed fashion exaggerations that block everyone's view of the pastor during the sermon.

I wear an open Bible on my head to absorb divine wisdom into my brain by osmosis. Technically, what is morning? I'm not a noon or night person either. The sun shines brightest on me in the morning. It's showtime! I get up before the birds get up. Does my live-in life partner count? Let me count the ways Don't ask, 'cause I won't tell. Yes, to Jesus. Mealworms, hold the salt. Anything handy and available. Sugar is bad for the soul.

Bee fight! Making the least amount of effort. Reading the Bible in full view of anyone who gives a darn about it. Whatever my sanctified man considers fun. It just happens sometimes, okay? Never too long. Word on the street is, my petals have been plucked. But I tend to disagree. He can lug around my money bag.

Even his name's got to be "Rich.

Christian love quiz

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Christian Relationship Quiz