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Wondering how to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly? It seems that every woman has had a similar thought at some point in her career, whether because she was secretly harboring a crush, too, or because she wanted to know if she needed more boundaries.

Yes, they can be a bit stand-offish and may play hard to get at times. Despite that, their body language and general eagerness to impress or make their crush happy should reveal all their secrets. This might be their friendly office tone as well.

On the other hand, falling for someone can change people. If your coworker likes you, though, he may keep his back straight, his shoulders square, and his head up. Plus, by standing near you and somewhat closing you off from everyone else around you with his body, you two might connect better. Not sure how to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly? In general, if a guy likes a girlhe will try to maintain eye contact as much as possible.

If you like him back, though, you may feel yourself blushing as his eyes brush over your every feature. Did you fix the copy machine or get lots of praise on your latest project? It can be about anything at all — how gorgeous you look that day, how fabulous your outfit is, etc.

Expect your looks to dazzle him and make him drop a few comments about your new hairdo, your eyes, etc.

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Alternatively, his conversational skills may take a hit; he might bumble his words while trying to stay cool and impress you at the same time! Sometimes, this may point to social anxiety too, so it may not even mean that your coworker likes you. Apart from bumbling words, expect your coworker to start sweating around you as well. Still not sure how to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly? Even better, consider if he has been trying to somehow always be around you. Alternatively, he may want to be around you in order to get to know you better and make sure you always have him on your mind.

Whatever the underlying reason may be, your coworker may intentionally bring you two together at the office, whether for a meeting, a project, or a coffee break, to catch another glance of you.

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And while examining how much time you guys are spending together, consider how he acts while talking to you. Are you always somehow leading the conversation, or is he asking all these questions and showing real interest? Unless they are downright narcissists, guys usually want women to talk about themselves. But they will show major interest by actually asking decent questions and inquiring about their childhood, early adulthood, what they did before this job, etc.

If your coworker has taken smiling to a whole new level, though, and always has a set of pearly whites to show off for you, that may be a he wants to be more than work buddies. He probably cannot help it, as the sheer thought of you makes his insides tense up. Therefore, if your coworker is always eager to help you out, he might be harboring some secret romantic feelings. Of course, he might just be an inherently good, friendly person. However, not everyone has the time to keep helping their coworkers all the time. Perhaps his love language is helping those he cares about.

Alternatively, he might want to be around you, so he volunteers to help with anything you may need. Not so sure how to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly on a daily basis? Those questions your coworker keeps on asking should let him learn more about you. But the real of infatuation here is if he remembers the stuff you have said to him. If your coworker cares about you, he will try to use the knowledge he has on you to his advantage.

Mind you, this includes whole bits of information, like the fact that you have a dog, not just the details. Are you still wondering how to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly to everyone around you? Consider all those TV couples that first acted like goofy opponents and then revealed their mutual feelings. At some point, that fake animosity and sarcasm turned into passion and love! That may very well happen with you and your coworker.

Keep in mind that the teasing will be lighthearted, not based on pranks and physical, inappropriate teasing like hair-pulling and similar. Those can often be more mean-spirited, so they should put you off!

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Keep in mind, though, that if he teases everyone, he might just like the fun of it all. Some people have a personality that thrives on goofing around with others and lighthearted teasing! Finally, think about how much physical contact you have with your coworker on a daily basis.

Is he always eager to get away from you, or are there some light touches here and there? If the answer is yesit could be that the behavior is completely intentional! Therefore, if this keeps happening, it may be a clear there are deeper feelings in play. Of course, it should all be very innocent; while at the office, make sure you both are following the rules and that there is no inappropriate touching.

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