Cyber sex roleplay

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Aug 30, 1. So I've relapsed recently, very, very hard. I'm not necessarily addicted to P itself although that's included but think I'm even more so addicted to cybersex and roleplay.

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There are a few big sites out there for doing it, with hundreds of people on, with themed rooms and so on. I had my favorites, and the chatrooms were an escape. I'd find myself for many years "time travelling" I think that even worse than simply watching videos or looking at pictures, is the ability to hunt down and cyber with real people. It gives you a deeper connection between you, the keyboard and mouse, and the computer screen. It also is unpredictable to a degree: you sit at the edge of your seat, anticipating the person's response.

You spend a long time simply trying to find the right person to do it with, but once you do you can gradually jump into any and every fantasy you can drum up. You spend a lot of time 'testing' the other person to see how far you can take things with them But I've also learned that more often then not, the people don't live up to your expectations, aren't into everything you are, or want something completely different.

You don't establish a real connection with a person, because they are pretending to be someone they are not Its insidious because it allows you to go and pretend to be something entirely different from who you really are Some people will claim that you're only being "your true self". That's false: its a way to be something you're not because you are really, deep down, not happy with yourself.

I wanted to write down my ideas on it, but I'm not that well spoken. If anyone has anything to add or disagreements its appreciated. Also, I really would like to find a chatroom similar to the forums here. If I was so addicted to chat when it came to sex Daniel likes this. Sep 1, 2. Yeah, the chat thing has been a part of my issue as well. You did well in explaining the enticement of it. We need to be careful of it.

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I've been almost two weeks clean of PMO but the toughest parts for me so far have been avoiding fantasy in my head and avoiding chat rooms where I know something could happen. I've even entered said chat room where I haven't done anything but I was being relatively open to the possibility and while it's a stepping stone that I just walked away after getting there and any small progress is still progress, it's just a time waster.

I've even gone to the lengths of deleting the program from my phone a couple of times the past couple of weeks. It's been push and pull. Even when it seems like I've been on the ropes a couple of times and a part of my brain says it almost would make more sense to just give in and start over, I haven't. I have things written on note cards near my lap top and will often look at them when I feel tempted and it will remind me of how I want to feel and that a real woman and a real relationship is what is natural and what I want.

I don't want to get too much into details of my experience in chat as I've done so with others before and it inspired me to relapse but there are times it's been every bit as challenging - if not more so - than looking at videos or pictures.

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Although there have been times were chat has inspired me to look at certain porn or M and there have been times when porn has inspired a "role play" or chat. As you you can see, there is the vicious circle. Just take it a day at a time. Every bit of small success and progress are great things. But we are acting out these elaborate fantasies as a substitute for that void everyone has whether they're single or not. Js5Sep 1, Sep 1, 3. You are totally right in your assessment of this. I know what you mean about trying to find someone with the same thoughts and fantasies as you.

But I don't know if that is about making a connection with someone or about dealing with the guilt of having the thoughts in the first place.

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What I can say is this - after almost 90 days off of it I find it hard to conjure up any distinct memories of the fantasies and I have found that the fantasies are false. That means those hours I spent roleplaying them was not me expressing part of myself. It was just me exercising my addiction and the fantasies it had built up to keep me hooked. I think my addiction to chatrooms is probably why I write so much here. I am still looking for soulmates despite having a great wife and lots of friends.

So I have to be careful about a chat addiction on top of a PMO addiction. I would recommend avoiding a chatroom scenario - to me it would be very triggery. Find something completely different in life to enjoy and explore and connect. And be reassured that after several months being away from it all the urges and the attraction of it slip away.

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Cyber sex roleplay

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Cyber Sex Roleplay