Dating an asshole

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In their pursuit of finding someone who's smart, sensitive, and doesn't treat them like dirt, women often end up dating men who are the exact opposite, AKA assholes. Who hasn't dated one, right? They swoop in, have a good time, screw with your head a little, and the moment things get real, they bolt. You're left picking up the pieces of your dignity, while also throwing daggers at anyone who dares to say 'I told you so.

If nothing, it makes sure you have a foolproof asshole radar for the future. Here are seven lessons you end up learning from dating assholes.

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The fundamental mistake we make when we're attracted to someone who's very obviously not good for us is thinking that we'll end up changing them. Or that our love will change them. Adults rarely ever change for anyone, if at all, and thinking that you're the exception to this rule is just setting yourself up for disappointment. If your gut tells you that something is off with the guy, listen to it. It's rare that we're blindsided by an asshole, because, on some level, we always know it's not going to work out.

Maya Angelou is the queen because she said, "When people show you who they are, believe them. When you're dating an asshole, people notice. They notice that you're unhappy, you're quiet, that he's not treating you right. In times like these, you immediately make excuses for him and tell everyone to make allowances for his behaviour.

But for how long?

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Your best friend who always hates your boyfriend? Listen to her when she says that she doesn't think he's right for you. Maybe she's being over-protective, but she knows you better than anyone else. It doesn't hurt to hear her out. And when things get rough, ask her for help.

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Even if it means listening to 'I told you so. The thing about assholes is that they will not stop feeding off you. Because they know you have a weak spot for them, they will keep coming back to you whenever it's convenient for them. Slam the door in their face. Your heart will be broken, your self-esteem will be shattered, your confidence will take a nosedive, and you will come out of it stronger and immune to the charm of assholes. Well, mostly. Feature image source.

Dating an asshole

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