Dating someone with the same name as sister

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By utNovember 10, in Dating Advice. Sometimes I meet guys with the same name as one of my cousins and I think it's weird if I would date someone with the same name. I'm dating someone now with the same name as my uncle, but I'm not particularly close with my uncle. Never dated a guy with a name close to any other male family members, though. Just started seeing a guy with the same name as my brother. Actually, it's not so bad, just a bit confusing.

I actually dated a guy with the same name as my ex but it didn't really bother me, it was just kinda weird lol. I won't date someone with the same name as my brother. Have a friend who tried to become a boyfriend way back who has my brothers name and that's the very reason I couldn't date him, it was just creepy. As for a cousin I would date someone with a cousins name but I haven't run into it so I can't be positive because two of my cousins were like brothers. They came on family vacations with us, one lived with us for a while, etc. Those names I'd avoid dating but again I haven't run into guys with their names.

Seriously I couldn't date the guy because it was my brother's name. Not joking. Don't think I'd have that problem with cousins though. I never dated anyone with the same name as any of my family members. It may be a little weird though. This is not really answering your question but is still relevantish.

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My name rhymes with my ex's. Got kind of confusing sometimes when someone would yell out one of our names. I'm dating a man with the same name as my very younger cousin basically, step-mother's nephew and it's not awkward at all, except that one time when my cousin got a text form me that wasn't supposed to be sent to him.

I lived with someone for many years, and he had the same name as my Dad. So, when someone called the name, it was qualified as "little" or "big" before their name. It's kinda sad if people dismiss someone over their name, it's not like they're responsible for it, plus you could be missing out on someone who's otherwise perfect for you.

A girl at work not only has a boyfriend who's name is the same as her brothers, but they all live in the same house, she just has nicknames for both of them and it doesn't seem to bother her. It's only an issue if you make a big deal out of it, people aren't going to look at you strange, it's not nearly as important as who the person is.

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Perhaps a bit off topic, but somewhat amusing nonetheless Before I met this new guy I already had to specify "such-and-such my boss" or "such-and-such my brother" when talking about them to other people. In addition, I had several close calls with nearly texting my boss things meant for my brother If someone thinks of that as a dealbreaker then I don't think that person is entitled to complain ever about being single.

Very true. Although it was a little weird getting up close and personal with someone who I had to call by the same name that had, up to that point, only been allocated to my brother, it certainly wasn't a dealbreaker for me. As for cousins etc I doubt it would even cross my mind as they are all relatively common names that I have heard many, many times over the years. By Ryan M. Started Saturday at PM. By Sabingham Started September By DJ. Started Wednesday at AM. Aaron Doughty posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember TopThink posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember Psych2Go posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember All Activity Home would you date a person who has the same name as Start new topic.

Recommended Posts. Posted November 10, Weird or not a big deal? Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options TakingtheBlame Posted November 10, Jetta Posted November 10, Ariel85 Posted November 10, This is a joke, right? You would disqualify someone because of their NAME? It's just a name.

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I don't think it's a big deal. HeartGoesOn Posted November 10, I would be more concerned on what's behind the name. DrKitten Posted November 10, Not a big deal. The men in my family have pretty common names anyway. Jd Posted November 10, RockyRaccoon Posted November 10, Rosesong18 Posted November 10, The Wire Posted November 10, This topic sounds like the basis of a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

Imagine how I now dread sending texts to my brother OR my boss meant for the guy I'm seeing. But I digress. Batya33 Posted November 10, Hahaha couldn't have put it better myself, Batya. Blue68 Posted November 10, I personally don't see the big deal.

A name doesn't define someone. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. Top Discussions this Week. Confused about Woman's Intentions. Husband changed. Tell me something I already know. What exactly does "connection" mean? Think of it like a magnet. If you have a magnet, it is going to attract, but also repel based on its polarity.

If you have a positive and a positive and you put them together, guess what's gonna happen? They're going to repel each other. Same with a negative and negative. But when you have a positive and a negative, they clink right like this. The key to attracting love is embodying your own sense of polarity, which really is the authenticity of who you really are, letting go of what you are not so that you can attract love easier than ever.

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Picked By Psych2GoSeptember These problems, which only smart people have, can make their lives very emotionally taxing. Perhaps these are s of intelligence - but they can also be a burden.

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Dating someone with the same name as sister

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