Days of our lives cast members dating

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When fans tune into the popular daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives DOOLthey know they will be entertained by some dramatic storylines, plot twists at every turn, and of course, steamy love scenes.

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When it comes to the small town of Salem, love and romance rule the land — with people falling in and out of love daily. Therefore it is natural for cupid to hit his arrow of love on some daytime actors, behind the scenes at the soap, and it happens more than you think. Below is a list of the top five real-life couples of DOOL.

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Chad DiMera and Melanie Jonas had quite a love affair in their younger years, but way before that was even a glimmer in the eyes of DOOL writers, actors Casey Deidrick and Molly Burnett enjoyed a little fling of their own. Meeting on the DOOL set inthe two actors briefly dated for approximately a year, ending their relationship in While the relationship was not serious and the two were never engaged, married or had any children, they both were able to have fun, yet still sustain a productive and professional working relationship.

Interesting enough, well after these two split up, they found their characters Melanie and Chad falling in love in While Brady Black and Nicole Walker had little success when it came to love on DOOL, it seems that life imitated art when these two met on the set and fell in love. Lowder and Zucker married ; however, much like their soap opera characters, they stumbled a bit, and separated in However in true soap fashion, they decided to give it another go and ended up re-connecting in The reconciliation resulted in a wonderful baby girl in latewhich they named Isabella.

Unfortunately, in the end, the two were unable to make things work, and the pair filed for divorce in early Speaking of Arianne Zucker, it seems the soap opera actress has made it a trend to find love at the office. The two started dating in earlyand while they enjoy romantic evenings together, the duo also participate in philanthropic activities to make a difference. With Arianne and her brother creating Arrow Heart, a leadership camp aimed to inspire troubled youth to get involved in their community, the couple also has plans to continue this work and expand the program.

Alas, unlike their on-screen characters, Michael and Crystal have enjoyed a lovely, long, and successful marriage. After falling in love behind the DOOL scenesthe two got hitched in January of and had two sons.

One of the longest-running soap opera couples in history, Doug and Julie Williams were one of the original supercouples of daytime drama. They defined what on-screen romance, chemistry and love was for the fans of their generation.

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DOOL audiences young and old look forward to seeing them return to the soap, and while they are not necessarily regular characters, they are always beloved fan favorites. On top of the daytime accolades these two actors share, they also have an incredible love story of their own that has taken place behind the scenes.

Bill and Susan have been married in real-life sincecelebrating a successful marriage that spans over four decades. Dorathy Gass is an avid fan of daytime drama and has been watching Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and Young and the Restless for over two decades now. As a full-time freelance writer, she gets to combine her love of soap operas and writing through her Fame 10 articles. Also a mother of two busy girls and a mommy blogger, she's been published multiple times over in Huffington Post Parents and Scary Mommy.

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Bill and Susan Hayes Doug and Julie Williams One of the longest-running soap opera couples in history, Doug and Julie Williams were one of the original supercouples of daytime drama.

Days of our lives cast members dating

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Co-Stars Who Got Married in Real Life