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As Germantown grapples with gentrification, long-time community members are concerned that with rapid development and turn over, space will not be held for the placeholders. I was born there, but we lived next door to one another. And then right across from me, there were two other families doing the same exact thing.

Grandmother, mother, and our generation-age young people all living in the same home. My grandmother was the person who cooked a lot. My mother also was a person who loved to cook as well. But my grandmother always had something on the stove. The gas stove, and the two illegal pot belly stoves. That was literally in the middle of our house in Germantown. Always something on the stove. We always had dinner every night.

What we did every night was a sit down dinner experience. But … my takeaway was because up until I lost my mom a couple years ago, especially with that cast iron pot, there was always Sunday dinner. And literally at my house. My mom got up every Sunday before the Hall, before service, went to the store, put dinner on, went to the Hall and came back. You better be ready for dinner. You better figure out how to eat. But when my grandmother was no longer able to cook, my mom took it. And then of course when me and mommy started cooking together, she brought it to my house so it stayed there.

When I lost her, it then passed on to me. First of all, eating together as a family is what creates your bond.

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The dinners and the chicken a la King, which I never really liked but my mother loved to make it! The different things that came out of this. And we sat down and we broke bread together. For me, every time I think of this pot, this is us! Generations all that I can remember back to. This is us. And we all had hands-on. This is our hands-on piece. This is a big piece of what brought us together. As noted by Cathy Brown, cooking and eating ties generations of families and neighbors together.

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This recipe book above that belonged to Hannah Marshall Haines reveals a network of recipe sharing. InJane Reuben passed the box to the next generation. She presented it to her niece, Jane Bowne Haines as a 17th birthday present. This heirloom, which has been at Wyck for years, is one of thousands at Wyck which have been passed down through the generations, bonding mothers, daughters, and grand-daughters across time. In our history there is a need to dig deeper. On the surface everything looks good but underneath it, there is very little equity in how resources are pushed.

Who can sit at the table, how they are sitting at the table, Who owns what, how power and money those voices are louder. There are so many people in this great community who are doing work to lift up the voices of other people. This place offers a lot of beauty, lots of beauty. If you take advantage of it, it will feed you spiritually it will feed you artistically, humanely, I mean this is a magical place.

Home F arm Club is a collaborative gardening program that provides short lessons, hands-on experience, and a share of fresh produce at no charge to participants. The program began in as an effort to reactivate a fallow field with the aim of engaging new visitors, providing greenspace and food resources to participantsand preserving the historic home farm that has abutted Wyck House for more than three centuries.

InWyck. Check out the calendar here. Want to get involved? info wyck. There is the storyteller that stays home and tells all of the stories of the village and the storyteller that goes to far away lands and tells the stories of the far away lands. But I guess I have always been the first kind of storyteller, so I am perfectly happy to stay in Germantown.

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A little too happy. And would also say that a lot of what I have been able to do in my life I got really lucky and this building was here, and it was very affordable. It was very affordable so I could afford to start this tiny little school in my studio and not have to earn that much money.

It is a thing that I am really concerned about that everything is getting so much more expensive. My building and also Germantown is changing in a way that concerns me which concerns me. I am concerned about it becoming […] One of the special things about it has been that it is in reach for so many different kinds of people.

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I am concerned about it getting swept up in the goal of creating wealth rather than creating things that the people who live here need. I think honestly not to wax poetic, but it is like we are in the middle of an election that has been really brutal, like a really, really brutal thing. And I think the nation has both strands and I think Germantown has both strands. And I have heard so many people say I am going to move to Canada. I am not moving one block. The point is to stay right here myself, my neighborhood, where I am. And try to figure out how to do something here.

This is a great place to try to do something. As these interviews have demonstrated, Germantown is a dynamic community. Want to learn more or get involved? Here are some community organizations leading the charge for maintaining and growing community in Germantown. Theme by AcademiaThemes. Germantown Generations. Above: Neighbors stroll around the Wyck rose garden during the "Celebration of the Roses. Breaking Bread Together. Catherine Brown with her cast iron pot. Photo by Julie Rainbow. Recipe book of Hannah Marshall Haines - Wyck Collection.

Box or tea caddy, oak, The daughter of the original owner of this box, Jane Bowne Haines. Digging Deeper.

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Trapeta Mayson. Photo credit: Ed Cunicelli. Staying Power. Mindy Flexer. What experiences do you have taking part in the community? Feel free to comment below, or if you'd like to add an oral history to this exhibit info wyck. Comment Name Website. A Layered Historical Landscape.

Down to Germantown looking for a good woman

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