Forever wellness company

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Forever Living's distributors are its lifeblood.

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In order to empower them for maximum success with minimum headaches, the company set out to create a CRM in-a-box for its millions of distributors that encompassed all areas of a distributor's business:. Salesforce Partner Communities was the perfect tool for this job. Groundswell worked with Forever Living to create a fully branded experience, working Communities seamlessly into the company's existing user interface. Using Forever Living's de, we enable distributors to choose website templates to market their businesses, linking them back to Salesforce so that any new prospects will correctly display as part of their downline.

We created a customized mapping tool for an at-a-glance view of a distributor's downline and created dashboards that gave distributors quick, visual access to never-before-seen data to help them with forecasting, sales, lead generation, performance tracking, and motivating and rewarding distributors in their downline. With templates, name lists, calendars, follow up tasks, we set up the Community to streamline daily operations.

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To expand on these capabilities, we integrated Communities with numerous back-office systems and cloud apps, including Google Apps forevents and hangouts, a payment processing tool for credit card payment processing. We integrated to Pinterest to help distributors connect to why they do what they do directly from the app.

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With single -on, all these applications can be accessed in one unified, easy user experience. This application is currently available in over 30 languages for deployment for over countries. With such a large user base, this project involved over million rows of data in Salesforce and required an innovative Large Data Volume architecture for high performance. The result of all of this was real-time business visibility and a supercharged selling and operations tool.

The transformation has been felt in all areas of the Forever Living organization. Forever Living chose to make this tool optional for its distributors and available on a subscriptions basis. To-date, over 4, distributors have ed up, with more rapidly being added every day. Forever Living.

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Forever Living Products is an Arizona-based wellness and beauty products company. Using a multi-level marketing business model, the company's products are sold via online channels and in-person by the company's network of independent distributors.

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A multi-billion dollar company with over 9. The Challenge Forever Living's distributors are its lifeblood. The user experience needed to be accessible and simple. Forever Living's distributors operate all over the world, so the CRM needed to work equally well in Milwaukee and in Mongolia. The Solution Salesforce Partner Communities was the perfect tool for this job.

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Downline activity reports to gain insight into one's personal business and the ability to assess the status in every country. Interface for tracking Orders, Invoices, and Payments Ability to view critical payment details and billing information in one screen. The Outcome The result of all of this was real-time business visibility and a supercharged selling and operations tool.

Forever wellness company

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