Getting even with your ex

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There is nothing worse than the burn of heartbreak. If you are reading this article, you are probably the one who is suffering, and you are the one looking to get revenge on your ex. However, there is that chance too that you are trying to figure out what the ex boyfriend or girlfriend who you just dumped is trying to do. There are plenty of ways to get revenge on your ex. Chances are, you two know each other better than anyone or so you thought and you know where it is going to hit them the hardest.

In case you are at a loss regarding what to do, here are fifteen ways to get revenge on your ex that will keep you out of jail. I say this with humor, but the reality is, there are some people that will go to pretty extreme lengths in order to get back at someone they hate. Don't do anything to him or his property. Getting revenge on your ex is all about timing. There are plenty of ways to achieve this: anonymously, online, by getting another boyfriend or girlfriend.

The possibilities are endless. If you wait too long, your ex is just going to think that you really are crazy. Achieving revenge is best done right after the two of you split. Regardless if they left you, there is going to be some heartache on their behalf after a couple of days Seeking revenge within the next couple of days is typical, but it won't have the most power. You should really consider thinking about revenge anywhere from days after the breakup. This will give you a couple of days to cool down, think with more logic than emotion, and create a plan to give you the most desired .

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There is no sweeter revenge on your ex than doing well for yourself. There is nothing more hurtful than saying, "Wow, I really was better off without you. Not only will you achieve your mission, you are also really just making yourself better and stronger. It's a win-win situation.

There is a lot of emphasis on this here. Out of all the tips you are about to read, these have the most impact.

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Sure, now you can sleep in, eat the junk you like, and binge watch television. However, if you get too consumed with this pattern, you will most likely end up achieving depression than revenge. So get up, get out of the house, and take care of yourself physically. Show your ex boyfriend or girlfriend that you live a good life now - a healthy one - that you couldn't achieve while you were with them because you were too dependent on their crappy habits. There is something to be said about when you end up doing better than your ex.

Your ex wants to see you suffer in some regard. Don't give them that satisfaction! They want you to be meek. Instead, show them the newfound confidence that you have. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, it beats putting sugar in your ex's gas tank and getting arrested. It shows maturity. It shows that you are the bigger and better person. You develop new hobbies, more friends, have more laughs. The best revenge is to be able to look at your ex one day and say, "You did me a favor. Start doing hobbies that are really cool like small-scale traveling to help you heal spiritually.

Dance, laugh, and do things that make your spirit feel better. Your ex is expecting you to be hurt. So the more that you can do help yourself stay light and emotionally lifted, the better. That is why articles on revenge can be tricky. Don't jump into the crazy loop. Don't contact all his new girlfriend or boyfriends anonymously. Don't stoop to a low level. I mean, you can, but the from that kind of revenge aren't as satisfying.

Taking care of yourself emotionally is important, for your sake and your ex's sake. I know you don't care much about his sake right now There is nothing worse than the burn of seeing your ex and they look better than they ever have. Don't give them this satisfaction. One of the best ways to get revenge on your ex is by making yourself smoking hot. When you look better, you feel better. When you feel better, your ex will go nuts with jealousy.

You are single now, don't forget that. You can dress up for the two most important people - you, and the future Mr. Get your hair, nails, makeup, and other assets done. Take a spa day. Even if you are lacking in funds, take some time to really learn how to make yourself look better. Watch some YouTube videos. Get a new haircut. It is the little things that can really make a difference. Not only will your confidence get better, you will make your ex long for you, which will be so bittersweet for them.

Don't go dressing too provocatively to seem desperate. But, you can purchase one or two new pieces of clothing or new accessories that bring out the sexiness in you. You are single now. You are available. Getting a little attention through some clothes that fit well, bring our your best colors, and that show a little bit of your beautiful body will be enough to make your ex man fume.

Remember, you are single now. There is no spotting someone for gas, picking up the tab for a table of two, or other frivolous expenditures. Your ex feels the same way about your money as they do your looks. They want you to be miserable. So, what better revenge on your boyfriend or girlfriend is there than by making your wallet fatter? Find a side-hustle or a part-time job or a full-time job if you aren't working at all. There are a few perks to this. Your ex may come into the restaurant that you are working at, and you can make that face you have always wanted to not that we are being immature here.

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You will feel better getting up and out of the house, or selling art that you pour some passion into. Finally, you will be earning some extra money, which is the point of all of this. Now that you are earning that dollar, you have two options. You can spend that new money on things that will make you feel better and chances are, make your ex jealous or you can save it. If we are talking about the former, here is your chance to update your car, to buy a new wardrobe, or to go to concerts that you guys always TALKED about seeing but didn't. Now you can treat yourself.

Hey, make sure you post pics on social media so they will be sure to see it. Or you can go the other way and you can save your money. Show that being without him means that you can be more responsible, that you don't have to spend a ton of money. You now have time to work hard and save up for a huge trip, finishing your education, or any other major goal of yours.

Believe me, this doesn't sound like a great way to get revenge, but if word gets out that you are busting your ass and saving some serious cash, there will be some real revenge taking place. Your ex will HATE that you are doing well financially. That means take down all the pictures, boxing up all of the "relationship stuff" and making that call to see if they want it.

The pain of hearing that may drive them wild, but keep in mind, they may try to play it cool. If they do not want it, get rid of it all except for a picture or a souvenir that you simply cannot live without. It will be a therapeutic cleanse for you. Plus, if they happen to stop over for one reason or another and don't see all your treasures exhibited, it will burn.

Take the pics that you have on Facebook or other social media and print them out, or just delete them. Sometimes your ex will get the itch to look back at your photos. Make that impossible! That is revenge at its best. Delete them from your s, change your passwords, and block them if you want to. The less they see of you, the more they will wonder about you.

Just make sure that you leave a few friends in common and you tag them periodically so that your ex can stalk you from afar once they start feeling that twinge of jealousy. We live in a world that is lived online most of the time. Therefore, getting the best revenge on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend can simply be done online. There are two ways that you can do this: anonymously or with confidence upfront.

Okay, so this may not be the most mature way to get revenge on your ex. But creating an anonymous and doing things online to make him jealous or such is sometimes the way that people go. Do be careful about what you try and do anonymously. If you try to anonymously blackmail them, it can eventually be linked to you and your computer, so watch what you try and do if it is illegal. If you can be man or woman enough to seek your revenge online, you can still go a less mature route by posting things about them that you know will piss them off.

Do they suck their thumb? Who wouldn't want to know that? Just remember, many times people fight fire with fire.

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Keep the Golden Rule in mind. Also, be careful because some things you may say or so may end up biting you in the ass later on. Even though it is online, it can still be used in a court of law. Other than making yourself look and feel good, the best revenge to get back at your ex is to rebound.

Be careful with this also because you are bringing someone else's feelings into the mix. Find individuals you can casually date and be happy about it. You don't need another long-term relationship just yet. Get back into the field and enjoy it. Getting revenge on your ex by going out and enjoying the single life shows them that they didn't hurt you. In fact, it will probably hurt them. Make sure that your ex finds out somehow through another source; don't just call them up and say, "Hey, I am going out to get laid!

Yes, this is an awesome way to seek revenge. Of course, there will be a few of their friends to stay away from because they will side with your ex. However, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will have one or two friends that have been scoping you out this entire time. Ask them out on a date and make sure that they have an awesome time.

You may be doing this purely out of revenge in which case, don't keep it going longer than a week or to truly move on.

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Simply put, there are plenty of ways to get revenge on your ex. Moving on completely is a pretty sweet revenge.

Getting even with your ex

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