How to ask a girl online dating

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What you need is a bunch of unique things to ask a girl on a dating app. This question lets her delve into all the wonderful, exciting things she would like to do rather than what she might actually do. It will also help you figure out if you share similarities in the kind of lives you want to live. You might find out that nobody has ever done anything overly romantic for her — in which case you can do something sweet for her on a date; like bring her flowers or her favorite candy bar.

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This is a more exciting way of asking someone what their passions and interests are. Everyone is passionate about something, and could talk for hours about it without getting bored.

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This one is a real test of her imagination. Her answer will give you a good glimpse of how she sees herself. Every woman — including myself — has received some awful pickup lines while using dating apps. This just goes with the territory. Another wonderful way to find out about her interests and whether you share any.

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This is a good way to find out what their favorite kind of food is, and start thinking of great places you could potentially take her on a first date. Ask her to go to town on this one and pick a starter, main, and dessert. The only thing we love more than eating food is talking about it!

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How to ask a girl online dating

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How To Ask Someone Out Online In 7 Steps And Get That First Date