I need some space

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In this article, we are going to discuss what the whole meaning is behind the common thing I hear people say when dating. Then I am going to give you tips on what you should start doing right now in order to enhance this relationship and get your partner wanting to spend time with you again. Or if you are the person that said you need space how to move forward from this. Before you read any further, I want you to know one of these most important things.

Want deeper clarity like a coaching session and know exactly what to do when she asked for space. ! At this point, there are a couple of scenarios that you could be wondering why this is happening. They might feel overwhelmed meaning maybe you were asking too much of them too soon or not implementing anything new in their lives. Some questions that I would ask myself if this is something that could be happening right now are these questions. How did I overwhelm them? Was I needy and asking for too much? Did I become too emotional with my own insecurities? Was I too nice?

Next, your partner may be confused or ignoring you. This can happen at any stage of a relationship early on or 5 years later. Perhaps there are some big decisions to be made in this relationship that left your partner feeling confused about where the next step has to go in this relationship. Typically, this means change. Ask yourself these questions. Am I bringing excitement to this relationship? Am I making my partner feel secure emotionally?

Lastly, you may have done something wrong to cause your partner not to want anything to do with you right now. At this point, you or your partner did something wrong, and your partner may be trying to forgive you. Stop saying sorry. Here is why. The minute you continue to say sorry, it just reminds them of the misery or mistake you made.

Instead, I suggest you look at yourself and see how you can show up better through your actions and self-development. I am going to speak about self-development later in this article. Ask yourself how can I help my partner. Here is how you take matters into your own hands. Maybe your partner works till 6 pm and needs to come home and cook for the kids?

Or another idea is. Maybe she has been telling you she needs to put air in her tires or get an oil change ask her if you can come to pick up her car and get her oil changed. You have to show up in ways that you can help her in her life. Where can you add value? Get it? A lot of people think I am going to continue to say sorry, and my partner will believe it, but that actually does the opposite damage. Example: You drop off her car after the oil change.

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I will continue to show you this. By doing this, you are giving your partner space but also showing up and being available in new ways that show advancement in their life and your life by owning and granting their wishes. This is something new! At the end of the day when your partner says they need space then it can be looked at in two ways.

Either they are going through a hard time and need time to think things through or possibly would like to break up as time goes on. Typically, when your partner would want to break up you will have full warning s before this happens. They will continue to tell you that they are not happy and that if you do not make a change they want to break up.

This is vital to your personal development and strength for yourself and future relationships. Here is where thousands of couples go wrong! They get so fixated on the ego attachment of their partner not wanting them at that particular moment that they chase and chase because you cannot be denied, they cannot give up, they cannot feel inificant to their partner so they continue to chase which is the worst thing possible that you can do and it actually makes your partner lose some respect for you as well as losing respect for yourself. Here is the thing.

But without happiness there is no love, right? This is your biggest strength right now. Think of it like this. They devote time and practice and determine how they can show up better for themselves and their team to reach that end goal they have been working for all year round. This is something that happens every day to the most successful people. They learn to take control, and this is what you need to do right now if you want this relationship back. Focus on your personal development. Read books, listen to a podcast, stop drinking, go to a retreat, workout 5 times a week, and so much more.

So how can you show up better for yourself to be the new and improved version that your partner is waiting for? Or they get impatient because it takes time. The beautiful thing about self-development is as time goes on people notice. I call this silent happiness. So many people say they need space but are scared or dismissive to tell their partner exactly why. This is key if you love your partner and want them to understand you with open and transparent communication.

Here is the most beautiful thing about this whole situation. Space makes people grow, and even in a healthy relationship and thriving relationships, people take space from each other just to connect with themselves which helps the relationship. But what happens if you have been open with your partner and nothing has progressed.

Then space is well needed but also being honest and open with yourself knowing when to end the relationship and not hanging on because there is guilt. When couples do this, they end up having a ificant amount of resentment towards them. So, at this point be clear about your expectations within yourself and also towards your partner. Maybe write them down and then have an open dialogue and let your partner show up or make yourself move on. At the end of the day, you love your partner and space is taken and needed in the most successful relationships.

If you still love your partner do the best to show up by focusing on fixing the things that were damaged. So, will you take matters into your own hands? Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of apolloniaponti. She works with ambitious men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills, and helps rebuild relationships.

To get real with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction. Book a coaching session here. Internet dating can be so overwhelming and very discouraging!

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It can feel like a chore and depending on how you feel at that particular moment, you might have the tendency to just swipe right or left, without really taking your time or taking it seriously. Just like anything else, there…. Self-Care begins with the way we start our days.

Take a moment to think about how you start your day. Look back at the last week or two and think about what you did to start your day. Did you wake up, brush your teeth, check your phone, make your coffee, and then turn on…. To all those women out there that are in their 30s or 40s and single, this article is for you! I have spent a great amount of time interviewing and conversing with single women over 30 and women who ended up getting married and having kids in their 40s! Love coaching is something that I have always been passionate about. I experienced love and dating at an early age and was always drawn to relationships.

When I was single for several years of my life, I had a lot of time to make mistakes, discover, and reflect on the decisions I made and why I made them. Some of my past choices lead me to believe that I wanted different things than what I had planned in my mind. My wife wanted space and I didnt react, then wanted a seperation i moved upsatairs she down stairs, in her words nothing cchanged so now im moving into an apartment, started hiit boxing look it up great fun lost 1. Hello Stephen, This is great!!! I love this story so much and thank you for sharing.

Keep up the great work and you are on the right track. If you want to move forward slowly and try to repair your marriage please read this article. This is the one posted yesterday.

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This may help and understand everything takes time. Which you know. I broke up with my ex about 6 months ago. We are still living together, but we have planned to move out in a few months. Recently she started dating someone new. She appears to be totally happy with him.

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She tells me that she no longer loves me, but only loves me as a friend. I have not been the best boyfriend I have constantly ignored her feelings and caused her immense pain. I truly believed that. For months we have been living well with one another. On January first she told me that we should no longer have sex.

I agreed. During those months prior to January she was trying to hold onto the relationship. She had me read a book that I took my time on reading. She wanted to discuss which I dismissed. I have broken up with her twice now. I understand that it was my decision to end the relationship and I have done so twice.

Going to therapy maybe a first step, but is it too late? Should I just deal with the consequences and decisions I made? Is there anything I can do as a last ditch effort or have I lost the best thing to ever in my life? Get Ur own place start fresh….

It will get easier I promise u that…. Hi, a month ago my gf asked me for space. She says I forced her to care for me. When I ask her if she loves me she says yes.

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She only texts me. It has been a month, but it feels like a year of torture. Please help me. I am losing my mind.

I need some space

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What It Means When Your Partner Says “I Need Space!”