Living with your boyfriend for the first time

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Tokyo Olympics: Get the full schedule, events and where to watch. Caroline Moss is an author and host of the podcast "Gee Thanks, Just Bought It," which helps people find the products they need to make life easier, better and more productive.

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Now with this column, "Asking for a Friend," she's helping people with the advice they need to make life easier, better and more productive. To submit a question, us at tmrwadvice nbcuni. My boyfriend and I are moving in together in a month. I am nervous. How should I prepare? Congratulations on this big life milestone! All of your weird stuff — the stuff you do alone when no one is watching — is about to have an audience. One of you will adopt a space in your bedroom or living room and use it to stack piles of laundry instead of just putting them away in the dresser.

One of you will always forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room. When I moved in with my boyfriend now my husbandI had come from living alone. Even though I had shared a space with roommates earlier in my 20s, I had been able to swing one year of living on my own prior to us moving in together.

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My favorite part of living alone was that no matter the state I left my apartment, it was exactly the same when I got home. I loved that, and that went away. In the morning when I'd leave for the day, the apartment would be clean. When I got home, there would be some dishes in the sink or socks on the floor.

But know that the feelings of wanting to — especially in the beginning! Remember: Your behavior might also be annoying to your boyfriend! I also recommend making sure you have doors to close and a place where you can be by yourself while your boyfriend is by himself in another part of the apartment.

The truth is that you are both going to have little quirks that annoy the other. Living together is really fun. You get to hang out everyday! Have a question for Caroline? us at tmrwadvice nbcuni. She is the co-author of "Hey Ladies! IE 11 is not supported.

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More Brands. Hi Caroline. Caroline Moss.

Living with your boyfriend for the first time

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I'm moving in with my boyfriend for the 1st time — how should I prepare?