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Twitter user JReneex posted a screenshot of several Uber transportation options for a trip to LaGuardia Airport last week that had users either raising their eyebrows or sharing a laugh.

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Lmfao walking buddy? Users were quick to pour in their assorted reactions:. Gotta get those steps in.

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No, the "Walking Buddy" option does not exist — both Uber and the owner of the viral tweet confirmed in a statement that the screenshot is a hoax. But there are several apps on both Android and iOS that help lend a sense of security to wary walkers, such as bSafe, My Safetipin and Life, which offer to keep close contacts updated on your current location and immediately alert them when something goes awry.

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What to Know Twitter user JReneex posted a viral screenshot last week showing a "walking buddy" option on the Uber app, spurring on mixed but mostly humorous reactions Uber responded jokingly to the fabricated screenshot, commenting: "Gotta get those steps in" Both Uber and the owner of the popular post confirmed that the "walking buddy" option is fake. Back to Article. Close Menu.

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Uber Responds to Viral Tweet Poking Fun at ‘Walking Buddy' Option