Millionaire dating website review

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. MillionaireMatch has a consumer rating of 2. Consumers complaining about MillionaireMatch most frequently mention customer service, fake profiles and phone problems. MillionaireMatch ranks 84th among Dating sites.

The best millionaire dating site which offers a wonderful platform for singles who want to build a serious relationship with successful singles. I found the love of my life on this website. From the moment we shared an interest, we had a direct connection, and now we plan our lives together!

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Thanks again to Millionairematch. Beware there are so many fake s on this site it's not funny! I have paid for a membership a few times. It's so funny every time my membership expires boom all of a sudden I get a ton of views and likes! When using the spark to view profiles they show you profile that haven't been active in over a month or mostly none paying members What's the point. Just think how many reviews they don't post of how poor this site really is!

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During these current times there a lot of girls looking for sugar daddy's and vice versa it seems to be more of a hook up site than serious people looking for a long term relationship. The positive reviews here where most likely done by the site it self! Don't trust this site, operated by a pack of swindlers. Most of these pretty ladies you see are bait and switch, they don't even exist. Oh well, they do exist, but they aren't aware that their photos have been put up on the site to attract users.

It's all completely fake. If you take out all these fake photos, you will have maybe a dozen of more or less good-looking ladies. So the real men to women ratio is crazy there. It's just another time-waster, there is nothing to do there.

I purchase a 3 month subscription. This site is nothing but a SCAM! Most of the men who responded to me were not able to form a complete sentence. Most pics are blurry and not all of the same person which I'm sure they probably lifted them from the internet or social media. I am so disappointed. Hopefully this will help someone so we can soon put these developers of MM out of business!

The only reason I gave them one star is because you can submit without choosing a rating. If someone has a high paying job or is "well educated" as commonly stated, you would like to think they know how to use a capital letter at the start of the sentence and know the difference between your and you're! Guys on Tinder have more intelligence than the scammer profiles on here. They should be shut down. I ed up for this dating service with the hopes of meeting someone on the same financial level as me.

There is absolutely no requirement to meet the expectations that the name of this site implies. In fact, most people look like they're homeless. You truly get what you pay for here! If you are a true millionaire looking for a match at the same educational and financial level, don't waste your time here. Best to get involved in professional organizations.

This site is a total scam and an complete waste of time!

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It was sad, actually. The over-tanned men in their fancy cars and the hundreds of women throwing themselves at them. It was easy pickings for men looking for sex or attractive women looking to be spoiled for a night. If you're actually looking for a quality man and possible commitment in the future, pickings are slim. I liked the iOS app of this millionaire dating site when I downloaded it over a year ago, and I liked it above others because of the way the whole thing is deed.

There were many nice rich guys. Specifically is my success story with this upscale dating app. We've been together a little over a year now, and we're getting married in April, and we never would have met without connecting on MillionaireMatch. So definitely a success story in our eyes. I'm for real and have one of the best female profiles on their site. Several paid memberships over several years, I've not met a quality serious man.

They're non existent on that site. Now their customer service is even more horrible. They are so unprofessional, never answer their phones, the reps over messaging portal are with tiny brains that will dance around the issue instead of solving it. I started having extra charges, or my totally classy dressed photos moved into private album by them without my consent, then agreed it was nothing wrong with them after miles of messages.

To top it off they suspended my for no reason whatsoever.

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I've written, called them, they never responded. Company has millions subscribers in US but wouldn't invest into toll feee. Nevertheless to actually answer even their Canadian international customer service line. You won't meet quality people.

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For years I've seen sane man and same women faces on their site. You wonder why? If they claim the highest quality members, why they're still single? This site is nothing more than prostitutes and scammers. Many of the post are foreign females supposedly in the US.

If they give you phone to call, you'll get weird in messages like "this text subscriber is not available" but no voice mail. They will ask you do favors for them like send them money or move jewelry into the US before they agree to meet with you. This company has many sister dating websites that are just as bad.

A note to silicon valley, clean up your act and get rid of these businesses. This guy that owns this company advertises he is silicon valley based company. Highly recommend! It is safe and easy to use. On this site, you can meet more than 4, attractive singles for a serious relationship, and even get married. In addition, this site has helped me a lot! My name is Rena and I met my partner Bob through Millionairematch.

We met on June 7, and Bob moved into my house on the 30th my lucky day. We celebrated our one-month wedding anniversary three days ago Miraculously, we loved each other deeply, and thanks again to this website for bringing us together. I had the worst experience on this site.

I'm a cute young college student that's had a bad year and a half. A bunch of certified millionaires messaged me when I ed up.

Millionaire dating website review

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