Mutual mastrubation stories

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Exploring mutual masturbation with my friend Written by dprice9ongenre masturbation After my experience with Guy when he helped me to masturbate for the first time I couldn't think of anything else. After not touching myself for 18 years I started to wank at least twice every night.

I usually didn't need anything other than my imagination and when I closed my eyes and when I thought about Guy gently stroking my cock I was soon pumping my semen out onto the bed sheets or into a tissue. What I really wanted to do was explore with my friend again and every time I fantasised about it I could feel my penis swelling with excitement. Guy rang me on the Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to come round, my heart started racing at the thought and I was certain we'd be doing what we did the week before.

I'd brought myself to orgasm several times since the week but as I walked the few streets to his house I could feel myself stiffening. I was surprised when his Mum answered the door and immediately disappointed, I thought we were going to be alone again.

I said Hi and followed him up the stairs. I'd been in Guy's room lo of times but this felt a bit different. It was summer and the sun was shining brightly and, to keep the room cool, he'd drawn the curtains. He put his finger up to his lips and said "Shhhh! Turning the music up a little bit he grinned and then, without any warning, pulled down his shorts and kneeled on the floor.

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I got the message and did the same, facing him. I looked down and his underpants were sticking out just like mine and, with my heart thumping, I reached out and touched his penis. Guy breathed in hard and pulled his underpants down, I now took hold of his cock, it was warm and smooth and rock hard.

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His cock was slightly smaller than mine, about 5 inches but thicker and underneath his foreskin he clearly had a large bell end. I started to move my hand up and down his cock just like he'd done for me last week.

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Exposing the head of his penis I saw it was bright red and glistening with pre ejaculate. I felt so excited, I was sure that if I hadn't masturbated so much I would have come into my underpants right then! I stopped for a second to pull off my pants and when I got back to it Guy was stroking himself, I ed in and for a few minutes we both faced each other masturbating slowly. He put his finger up to his mouth again and I nodded, I knew what he meant, he didn't want his Mum to hear us coming! Both of us were breathing hard and then Guy put his hand on my shoulder and closed his eyes, opening his mouth wide.

I looked down and his hand stopped moving, pulling back on his cock it spasmed and spurted thick shots of white spunk which landed on my tummy and cock. Seeing this my own orgasm flooded out of me and I stifled a groan as I pulled closer to Guy and spilled white cream over him until both of us were splashed with each others sperm. His bedroom smelled of sweat and semen and, out of curiosity, I wiped a small amount of his seed off my tummy and put it in my mouth.

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It tasted slightly metallic but not unpleasant. I had another fantasy to think about when I masturbated and I knew what I wanted to do next! Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Mutual mastrubation stories

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Exploring mutual masturbation with my friend