Persian cats for sale in dallas texas

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Silver Chinchilla Persians. Teacup Persians. Miniature Persians. View these Persian kittens for sale - more photos. Cute turn up noses!

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Perfect Doll Face! Find sweet, miniature fluffy long-haired Persian kittens. Adult cats - kittens for sale and cat listings of available at TinyPersians. happy feline enthusiast that have found. CFA registered Silver Persian kittens. View our Customer T estimonial listings - Reviews. Numerous kittens available for sale that are adorable, socialized, litter trained.

We strive to produce quality, healthy Silver Persian kittens free of ringworm. Your Persian kitten or cat will be documented with a Vet Medical Report and Lab showing negative Lab before departure.

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Superior dams and sires are bred for TinyPersians breeding program We strive for excellence in all we do. We have white Persian. Choose a Silver, Golden, White. Very small.

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Persian kittens. Adorable turned up noses!

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Intense " Emerald Green " Eyes! Silver Chinchilla. Shaded Silver. Shaded Golden. Sister Available. Pure White female. Balanced Doll Faces. Fluffy Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens. Very small Silver Chinchilla. Teacup Persia n. Look at this face! Nickname " Sis ". Both kittens same age showing size difference. Stunning Luxurious Coats! Silver Chinchillas! You betcha! Miniature Kitten. About us Reviews! Teacup Kitten. TinyPersians Customers. More about Shipping Persian cats and kittens.

We ship via Airlines Silver Persian kittens and cats Internationally! Airline Pet Flight Nannies hired to hand deliver your Persian straight to you. Your Persian will receive all up-to-date shots, worming. Each kitten and Persian cat is trained for grooming, bathing, blow drying, beautiful groomed. Tiny Tina. White Persian kittens. The finest doll face look available! Miniature Persian. Purrfect Doll Face Persians. Teacup Persian. Our Persians will be delivered. We sterilize our carriers and p for shipping. We are a responsible CFA registered breeder! Tiny Tina look-a-like kittens available!

Chinchilla Blue - Green eyes. Perfect Doll Faces! Full grown - 3 pounds and up!

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Prissy - Available - Retired - Spayed. Choose from multiple coat colors. Rare emerald green eyes, blue-green eyes and torquoise. Customer Photo. Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian. Luxurious Coats! Silver and Golden Persian cats. If you have been searching for a tiny Persian kitten. Our cattery is located in McKinney,Texas. Close to many major Texas cities. A quick enjoyable afternoon drive will get you right here! TinyPersians Cattery a small home breeder, is in driving distance from several Dallas and Fort Worth Texas local surrounding suburbs and area cities.

Also, serving Louisiana, Alabama, and Oklahoma. TinyPersians has several litters a year of small and standard sized Persian kittens for pet homes. TinyPersians Cattery's kittens are affectionate, playful, adorable, socialized, well adjusted, litter trained Persian kittens and cats. CFA silver Persian cat breeder with a top reputation of satisfied customers.

Testimonials says it all! Are you looking for an Exotic Shorthair that is either shorthair or longhair? We can refer you to an Exotic cat breeder. Specializing in very light Chinchilla Tiny Doll Face.

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Persian Kittens with expressive eyes! Small to Standard size Persian kittens and cats. The only true tiny Persian cats - the finest teacup Silver Persians for sale. Reviews by Customers.

Persian cats for sale in dallas texas

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Beautiful Persian Kittens for Sale in Texas