Popular hand guns

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Gunmakers are scrambling to keep up with unprecedented demand in new pistols. New handgun introductions are coming in hot; pushing and shoving their way into the spotlight after a record-shattering year of firearms sales. Most of the industry is trying to catch its breath as gun buyers continue to scavenge empty display cases, ready to pounce at the hint of restocking. This means several notable brands are missing from the list at press date. This updated, integrally suppressed pistol features a new grip and updated magazines, yet maintains its nondescript appearance, whisper-quiet sound ature, and unique rotating bolt operation.

The Station SIX is available in 9mm and. The striker-fired CZ PC was an instant hit when it hit the market several years back.

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CZ purists even accepted the polymer-framed striker pistol, which is certainly saying something, as they are a vocal bunch. Since its release, the P line-up has grown from a do-it-all mid-size C model, to both full-size and long slide variants. ForCZ is going in the opposite direction and has released a subcompact it is calling the PS. Small, concealable, red dot capable pistol with a sweet trigger? Yes, please.

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Check availability here. After its Gen 5 release, Glock is steadily bringing its legacy line up to the new standard. The G22 is the latest to be upgraded, and even sees an MOS cut for If you need a pocket pistol that bridges the capability gap between traditional pistol and carbine, the 43X MOS, equipped with aftermarket round Shield magazines, just might be the ticket.

KelTec calls it unique, adaptable and retro.

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Either way, the pistol fires high velocity, low recoil 5. And it comes with two of them.

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FN has been at the pistol game for a while now and they have a hit on their hands with the series pistols. The was developed for the U. The LS Edge Tactical is a factory hot rod competition pistol featuring a 5-inch target crowned, cold hammer forged barrel, a lightweight flat faced competition trigger, slide lightening cuts, oversized controls and substantially flared magazine well to help house up to a round magazine.

Ruger is also testing the waters with a factory competition pistol with its American Competition.

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Based on its popular American pistol, this variant boasts a 5-inch stainless steel competition barrel with a slow inch twist for enhanced accuracy with lighter match projectiles. The slide has eight ports cut into the forward portion of the slide, while the rear is drilled and tapped for direct mounting several miniature red dot sights that share the Doctor Optic footprint.

A few years ago, the Sarsilmaz SAR9-series of pistols was one of the best kept secrets in value-priced handguns, but word quickly got out, leading to its rise in mainstream popularity. The SAR9 rewards its users with flattering performance, making it a first choice for many to bring to the range with friends. Credit should be given to a smooth, lightweight trigger pull with a clean break, an ergonomic grip and a low bore axis. New for we get the same great pistol, but with an optic cut.

SIG has unapologetically taken full advantage of the fact that their handgun development is derived from competition, and is pretty forthright in stating that the X-Series come from lessons learned in that field.

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Only so much can be done to add weight to polymer-framed pistols, so SIG engineers began thinking outside the box and developed a grip module made of tungsten-infused polymer that has the weight of steel, and the flex of polymer. It also stops at 90 degrees. This equates to nearly zero over-travel, reducing the likelihood of your trigger press disrupting your point of aim as you pull through the trigger stroke. Translation: the X-Carry Legion is ridiculously easy to shoot well.

Springfield Armory is seemingly on a 10mm streak, hitting home runs with each new introduction, and the new Ronin 10mm is sure to be another winner. This powerhouse utilizes a robust forged stainless steel frame mated to a forged carbon steel slide for extreme weather resistance and longevity in the field. The 5-inch barrel is hammer forged for long-lasting strength, durability and spicy lo. This allows your sights to get on target, and stay on target, during fast-paced, multi-shot strings. Stoeger is a rock-solid brand under the Benelli umbrella, and its engineers and product managers have done their market research.

The striker-fired STR-9S checks most of the modern defensive pistol boxes, all at an extremely competitive price point. To start, the pistol is optics ready from the factory, complete with co-witnessing suppressor-height iron sights.

The optic mount utilizes a plate system that is compatible with most of the red dot sights on the market, while the slide boasts aggressive front and rear slide serrations. Building on the tremendous success of its Agency Arms collaborative pistol — the Nighthawk Agent and subsequent Agent 2 — Nighthawk has spun the dial to eleven with old-school James Bond levels of luxury, heirloom collectability and of course, high functionality.

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To achieve such a status, a cocktail of industry leading manufacturers must be shaken together, but certainly not stirred. Doug Turnbull added his unique flavor to the pistol, and the craftsmanship and fine detail speak for themselves. A case hardened and polished frame is paired with a charcoal blued slide, matching the handguns controls. Custom mammoth ivory grips encase the grip frame, while an 18K solid gold bead front sight adorns the business end of the slide. Nighthawk meticulously crafted and fit all components, while a healthy splash of Agency Arms style is unmistakable.

Everyone loves. The length of pull is adjustable, and with a red dot mounted on the flat top receiver, proper head placement behind the platform will quickly become natural. Plus, adding a sound suppressor will make it a hoot to shoot.

The TX22 is a purpose built, semiautomatic. Because of this, the TX22 was an instant success as soon as it was released thanks to increased capacity magazines roundsactual mid-size pistol ergonomics and reliable function. The TX22 is competition-ready out of the box with a 5-inch threaded bull barrel and unique, adaptable optic mounting solution. The optic mounts to the barrel hood via slide plate system that is compatible with most of the popular miniature red dot sights. This equates to lightning fast target to target transitions and dot stability is insane.

We hope this technology finds its way into future, centerfire pistols. This mounting method is what the future looks like for pistol mounted optics, and Taurus is bringing its A game. New for is the expansion of the Uberti Outlaws and Lawmen series, with the addition of the Hardin and Teddy. The Hardin, named after outlaw John Wesley Hardin is a gorgeous top-break revolver with a color-case frame and charcoal blue barrel. This combination absolutely pops and can be found in other corners of the industry on high-dollar custom firearms.

The grip slabs are simulated bison horn and add to the authentic styling reminiscent of the old west. The Teddy is named after none other than our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. The frame, cylinder and barrel are laser engraved, while the nickel plating and simulated ivory grips give this classic an eye-catching appearance.

Both models are chambered in. Outdoor Life is dedicated to covering safe and responsible gun ownership for hunting, recreation, and personal protection. We participate in affiliate advertising programs only with trusted online retailers in the firearms space. If you purchase a firearm using the links in this story, we may earn commission. The Best New Handguns for Gunmakers are scrambling to keep up with unprecedented demand in new pistols. Uberti Cowboy Guns Uberti Hardin. Uberti New for is the expansion of the Uberti Outlaws and Lawmen series, with the addition of the Hardin and Teddy.

Uberti Teddy. SHOT Show. Shooting ranges are slammed and retailers are still Want more hunting and fishing stories? up to receive our s.

Popular hand guns

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