South florida used car dealerships

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We have been driving our XT5 Luxury V6, 3. With our cars, the longer we had them the less delighted we were. The aesthetics are superb, as the cabin inside feels like a piece of art, while still being a real car. We came to believe that critics of XT5 interior were not seeing the forest for the trees; focused on nitty-bitty details, like "rough edges" of door pockets, but completely missing or mischaracterizing it as a whole. The appearance of exterior is sharp, not your neighbor's yet another SUV, and elegant.

The front and rear boomerang-shaped lights are in our opinion the best looking in the auto industry. Very appropriate for a true luxury vehicle, which it is. Although the cabin is very spacious and comfy, the car's outside dimensions are about perfect for parking in a standard garage or parking lot. Before we bought our XT5 we wanted to buy Explorer, but parking it, even with automatic car assist was a frustrating experience due to its oversized width. Also, Explorer - the top of the line version - did not feel nearly as luxurious inside as XT5.

The V6 quietness and pick up are very satisfying. The auto stop-restart gets some time to get used to it, but after a while we actually like it. It's pretty cool. Driving it is a pleasure, too. Smooth ride like a velvet, easy to maneuver, all-by-wire steering and transmission will amaze you. It feels like a light-weighted car and not 2, lb gross weight truck. It does exactly what the driver wants it to do. So far no repairs, just oil change and washing. Fuel efficiency is good, although we don't drive it too fast. Now, some critical comments.

Our biggest concern probably pertains to virtually all new vehicles available on the market.

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The "short travel" suspension that today's cars utilize may look sharp and fashionable, provide better fuel economy and feeling of the road, and offer a smooth ride on a good quality pavement, but becomes rough and bumpy on bumpy ro. We remember times when a full-size or mid-size cars were floating through ro' imperfections as the only parts that were moving up and down were the wheels. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case with today's new cars. When a highway has a bump, you cans see that the wheels AND the entire body of every new car are moving up and down on it.

Our second concern is the car length. Making it a few inches longer perhaps, an optional "L" version would make the rear half of the cabin feel like an upscale saloon. We wonder why manufacturers of most cars abandoned the idea that it is the rear seats that should be the most spacious and comfortable.

Not that we complain about XT5's rear seat, its is comfy and can be moved back and forth, and reclined a bit, but, again, we are a bit critical about the recent trend in auto industry in this respect. It misses a shade so when the sun is up it sometimes throws the light directly on it, which makes it more difficult to read some small details. We also found it difficult to buy one specific accessory: pillows that would allow passengers to sleep while riding in upward position.

Perhaps, Cadillac could consider commissioning them; they would greatly enhance the pleasures or reduce tiredness of the long-distance driving. Other than that, we love it from the first sight. We probably will keep it indefinitely. This place it the BEST. They were really nice. The car had onlymiles on it. Overall a great experience. I was going through some rough times with some of my wives, and these guys really came through for me. The 2. Also got an extended warranty full covg 7 yrs, k mi and interior warranty 5 yrsand another weather and paintless debt repair warranty 5 yrs.

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I've had no mechanical issues with it, and the only problem so far was a radio glitch where the radio didn't come on properly when starting up. Restarted the car and worked fine. No other problems. With the interior warranty I get a professional detail once a year that keeps the white leather looking fresh. I've used the paintless debt repair warranty to take out door dings a few times. My only complaint is when the tires wear out, then the steering gets a little heavy in parking lots.

Change tires at the dealer recommended intervals, makes a big difference. I have 30, miles on the car now and am confident this car will last a long time. Also, find a dealer that will work with you. This GTR trim I've added front parking sensors, backup beeper cutoff for trailer, deg camera, and LED interior lights all at dealer. These only come on sig trim but u can have the white interior with all those features if u want. This car met all my needs.

Jawara was absolutely amazing and patient. He most definitely allowed such an amazing experience for my first car purchase and I wouldn't have it any other way! All the power and all the fun with all the features. It feels like muscle is back in America.

This car now has a proven history and so many uptions you can get what you want out of it! From 30k to k Super Stock loaded. I find mine! I originally went to the Orlando store to purchase a vehicle I had checked out online. I was contacted by Cliff Cliff Jean-Baptisteand walked through the process of everything I needed to know before I arrived. After test driving the car I came to see, unfortunately I realized that was not the car for me.

I considered just moving on and leaving, and perhaps looking around elsewhere. Cliff was very optimistic that I would find what I was looking for, and helped me search through available inventory, pulling multiple cars for me to check out and drive. I had both of my children with me throughout the buying process, and Cliff was great with them even during several test drives with several different vehicles, until I found the one that was right for me. By about the second or third test drive, Cliff started to feel like one of the family members, talking about school, future plans, family events, and even joking with my kids about getting ice cream and how to multiply big s.

I can say I've never had such a comfortable experience on a test drive with anyone, and I've purchased quite a few vehicles in my lifetime. My eight year old daughter announced that when she's ready to buy her first car, she will go to Cliff to buy it! I've owned many cars and also been through a lot of leases. I normally trade or sell a car within 2 years, but i couldn't see myself giving it up. It's a gorgeous car, reliable, and comfortable with every bell and whistle except auto pilot.

My Camry was totaled in an accident. Needed a new carcame to the dealership and met two nice young gentlemen Kevin and I think it was Harry. Very easy very friendly service. So much fun to drive. Great gas mileage. Sporty exterior. All around fantastic vehicle. Probably the best I have ever owned. You will not be disappointed. I love the powerful V8 sound of my autobiography. The seat hugs you and acceleration will throw you back. Such a comfortable car. Wonderful features. Great for tall people and a family.

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As a nurse I always have things in my car and it was very convenient to access and met my needs. Unfortunately I am moving far away and need a smaller car. Great family friendly 4 seater hard top convertible.

South florida used car dealerships

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