Take bipolar test

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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by episodes of mania or hypomania and depression. Depression is unipolar, there is no episode of mania. The term bipolar depression could be used to describe the depressive episodes of someone who experiences both highs and lows of bipolar disorder but is not a clinical diagnosis itself.

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Therapy is often done in conjunction with medication management from a prescriber. Bipolar Disorder test Is it just a phase or something more? Begin test. You are not alone While everyone experiences normal ups and downs in their day-to-day lives, those who experience bipolar disorder go through shifts in energy and mood that are more severe.

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Change starts with a single step Our network has thousands of d therapists experienced in treating bipolar disorder. Try Talkspace now. Talkspace is confidential, convenient, and affordable. Really did change the whole idea of therapy for me.

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As someone who is terrible at talking about anything in person, I cannot recommend this resource enough. I am using talkspace to speak with a therapist since my work schedule is all over the place. It's honestly one of the best things to have discovered this past week. Begin the Bipolar Disorder test Take our short online test to get answers and start managing your symptoms.

Take bipolar test

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The Depression and Bipolar Test