Tinychat chat rooms

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With more than 30, active chat-rooms hosting nearly one million visits every day, TinyChat now offers an option of group video chat with location marking for each user showing their geographic region and location within a mile radius, providing a visual map of all chat group participants.

This general mile swath gives users the most location-based experience while preserving and respecting user anonymity. TinyChat adds more than 50, new users every day to its already enormous user base, second only to Skype for live-streaming web chat.

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Users can opt in to reveal their location to video chat groups, either creating their very own private or public chat group, or ing one of the tens of thousands of active chats live on the site every day. Accompanying a full rede and overhaul of the TinyChat site, location-based tagging further enhances TinyChat's already fully interactive video group chat community experience. Nearly 90 percent of TinyChat users utilize the online version of the service, and convenient widget versions of the service are available as well for use with all the leading web browsers, including: Firefox, IE, Google Chrome and Safari.

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You can geotag your Facebook updates and Tweets, so why not your real-time video chat experience? TinyChat offers a truly relevant and engaging experience for its millions of users.

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All geotagging and video broadcasting options on the site are at the user's discretion, and TinyChat video group chats bring together dozens of chatters into an interactive community with full audio, video and text chat, along with individual user profile s and dozens of custom chat room options. Blake adds, "This is all about continuing to make the world a more connected place via the web. Say, if there's a regular Tinychat room you use to discuss fishing, we think this feature will make it even easier for those users to meet 'IRL' for an actual fishing trip!

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Offering the next evolution of the chat room experience optimized for cam-integrated computers and external cam accessories, TinyChat has redefined the feel of social video interactivity with a global map of its users to connect people from around the globe. About TinyChat TinyChat, the web's fastest growing video group chat community and the largest web video chat service online. Hosting more than 30, individual chatrooms that serve nearly one million active users every day, tens of millions of profiles and chat s have been created since the site's launch.

TinyChat's community-based group chat experience offers the best blend of online video and audio broadcasting for the group chat realm.

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Tinychat is financed by a of famous investors, including Ashton Kutcher, Sean Combs a. Related Links TinyChat.

Tinychat chat rooms

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