Understanding hookup culture documentary

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When thinking about defining hookup culture and then applying it to real life situations, it can be tricky to put the right words in order. Hooking up is practiced around the world by a ificant portion of the population, however, everyone has their own exact definition of what it means to them.

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To some, it has to include the innate act of sex to be considered hooking up. And to others, it can be just kissing! In our IAHB class, I believe we selected a definition that can be applied to a wide range of people. Whether we realize it or not, an alarming majority of songs, shows, and movies display sexual acts or hint to sexual activities. Before I was actually studying hookup culture and was just existing in the culture, I never really paid much attention to how much it was glorified. It was only when I actually started looking for it to document it is when I realized how often it occurs.

Pretty cheesy if you ask me! Music specifically. When I really think about the lyrics, I do think that at times I disagree with what the song is singing about morally. I wonder how much we ignore the moral issues that our movies, tv, and music represent. My group did not find any external sources for this category as we were one of the groups who had done the asment before our classes added music, TV, and film to the list.

I think adding this category is important to our books relevance because without it there would be a large part of our culture left out. When I hear popular music, I ignore the issues that it brings up when it comes to the objectification of woman. Hookup culture can be defined many different ways. We have talked about the music, television, and film aspects of hookup culture for the past couple weeks of class. Music, television, and film all have a big importance on hookup culture and how it is seen by many.

Music nowadays talks a lot more about sex and hookups than it ever has. As you can see, the amount of sex that has talked about has increased, and the amount of dating and relationships have decreased. Television and film shows that uncommitted sex, or hookups can be both physically and emotionally enjoyable and occur without strings. Due to this stigma and the way hookup culture and sex is portrayed to the public affects how people view it.

For example, in recent years data has shown that between 60 and 80 percent of college students have been involved in hookup culture in the last year. This is a lot of people and this is majorly because what is seen and heard in music, television, and film. Overall, music, film, and television has a lot of influence on hookup culture.

People are very easily influenced by the world around them.

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This is why all these industries have such a big influence. As our minds were developing, we would watch TV to pass the time and we were always being exposed to TV shows like Jersey Shore. I think music is something that I definitely resonated with and took time to think about; There are some songs that play that just start cause you to act promiscuous. As soon as I hear any song by Tyga or Megan Thee Stallion at the bar, I immediately have to start shaking my ass and dancing like a stripper, it just feels natural. I honestly think so, when a guy sees someone dancing like that, it usually prompts them to either dance with them, or initiate a conversation with them.

My team did find a few articles about music and its role in hookup culture. We even found a detailed list about what genres are the most prominent in hookup culture.

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Our generation, which are currently probably the biggest players in the game of hookup culture, tend to take something as harmless and pure as Netflix and turn it into something sexual. Many shows are nowadays have it take place a ton which then influences and passes the trend on to all of its viewers due to the unrealized power of television.

There have been a few times that a hookup was not intended and that I actually wanted to watch some Netflix but since it was implied that if Netflix is turned on then there must be a hookup wanted that it influenced the feeling of the room. Therefore, showing the crazy strong effect of television influence on the hookup culture scene.

My personal experience with hooking up and music is pretty common amongst the college student population. It mainly begins at the pregame and the music selection there. There are generally rules from different music selections on what the mood for the night will be.

The first music selection is EDM and that generally le to people drinking pretty aggressively and dancing which tends to lead to a more hook up vibe. Then there is hip hop genre and that does lead to hooking up, but not as much as EDM. To start off, our class definition stays the same. And it really is. Most of the responses that my peers wrote were that they were more than comfortable doing so.

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I also agreed when I wrote my response. From weeks 12 to 13 of the course we discussed hookup culture in relation to TV, music and film. We identified the category elements of the influence of TV, music and film. I believe music during a hookup can enhance intimacy and furthermore TV and films commonly display hookups as consensual. Ballroom offers a space and a language, both verbal and physical, for people to explore fluid identities. The empowerment built up in the ballroom translates to the rest of life, creating confidence and self-love.

I believe my day to day life, interactions with friends and social media would have a larger impact on moving towards reducing shame and increasing inclusivity. The article mentions a D. I think music is a great way to share different topics and perspectives and to teach others about different cultures. Music is powerful and has the ability to reach many different people and start conversations to end stigmas and reduce shame by talking openly about it and bringing knowledge to people and encourage further understanding and research.

Personally I listen to music every day and by listening to this music and sharing with others it has the potential to make a huge impact. Learning this did not surprise me since most of the songs I listen to reference sex while only a few reference dating.

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McDermott also touches on the double standard of men vs women talking about sex as the of female-performed pop songs with references to dating stayed relatively constant across five decades which I discovered to be interesting. Personally I think playing music during a hookup helps to set a mood and eliminate awkward silence. I also believe having a TV show or movie in the background helps to make the hookup seem more casual. The mainstream music today definitely encourages brief and meaningless relationships. I think music is beautiful and is a great tool to express oneself but some of the lyrics in the songs for sure emphasize meaningless relationship and using sex as an escape.

As far as music and film, I think most of the TV shows I watch where two characters start off hooking up, usually end up in a committed relationship because they realize they have feelings for each other. In my personal experience, I think watching so many of these TV shows set me up for failure.

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I also think TV shows, music, and films need to show more representations in race and also sexual identity. This caused me to feel insecure, because although I had all the same parts as the girls on TV, I had different color parts for instance my nipples were a different shade and I used to think there was something wrong with me. Growing up in the digital age means that music, TV, and movies are just second nature to this generation.

What we watch and listen to has a huge influence in what we like, how we act, and what we do. A large portion of music, TV, and movies include the topic of hook ups. For the most part, these displays tend to match our classes definition of a hookup. As for music, there is a big chunk that deals with lusting after a partner, and what they do when finally engaging in a sexual act.

Most of the time in these settings, consent is just assumed while the two people engage in their hookup, but by explicitly showing the exchange of consent, there will be more conversation about the topic, and can hopefully influence more people who partake in hookup culture to do the same. Over the years, entertainment has drastically changed when it comes to the topic of hookups.

When music, TV, and movies were first introduced to the public, it was scandalous to even show a husband and wife sleeping in the same bed on TV. Talking about sex was a very taboo thing to talk about, even in a heterosexual sense, and it was much more scrutinized when talking about it for any other gender identities. Throughout the decades, society has become much more accepting and understanding on the topic of sex and hookups in all types of relationships. Most movies and TV shows have some sort of hookup elements between the characters, and there is even a sub-genre of music that is known to be for and about sex.

The media and entertainment industries are responsible for what is created and produced on the topics of sex and hookups, which means they have the power to display these normal parts of life in positive ways, as to eliminate the stigma that already surrounds the topics. This is why it is so important for entertainment companies to make accurate and consensual displays of sex and hookups because of the strong influence it has over our population.

Music has always been a way for me to express myself. When you find the perfect song that describes how you feel, there is something very satisfying about that. All of the songs on this playlist are very relaxed, smooth, and melodic, with a lot of the music being created by artists like The Weeknd and H. The music is especially nice when for example you feel a certain type of way, but might be too shy to come right out and say the words, so you put on the song that sums it all up, and you let the song do the talking.

While this might sound cheesy, it can be another creative avenue that allows for self-expression. Over the course of the last weeks, with our focus on TV, film, and music, I was able to reflect and learn about lots of things. I really realized what a huge influence these things are when it comes to hooking up and hookup culture as a whole.

The first thing that comes to mind that I want to reflect on is music videos. A lot of music videos today, especially hip-hop music videos, revolve entirely around sexual appeal. This music video is very sexually explicit and consists almost entirely of women twerking and walking around in revealing bikinis.

Understanding hookup culture documentary

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