Why can t i be pretty

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And not one involves more makeup! By Jenny Bailly.

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Keeping your shoulders back and chest open also makes you look taller, slimmer, and radiantly self-assured. For some ideas on where to start, try O 's posture exercise plan. Try to take in your physical attributes the way you would those of or beloved friend—with appreciation and acceptance, not criticism. Turn your gaze on the feature you like we know you have at least one. A smile not only lifts the muscles around the eyes and lips, for a more youthful appearance, but also generates a feel-good ripple effect: Your brain gets an instant mood boost from the muscle contractions, and that boost is maintained as people smile back at you.

Shallow breathing manifests itself as tension in your face, throat, even shoulders. On the other hand, when you take deep, slow breaths, you look and feel more at ease in your body. So take a second, enjoy the photo, and breathe. When you compliment on her dress, she doesn't respond, "Oh, I don't think it fits quite right.

And look at my shoes! And my braids! And did I tell you I'm the third tallest girl in my class? Simply say "thank you" when someone compliments your thick hair or sparkling eyes. You—and your admirer—will feel better about the exchange, creating positive reinforcement that makes you both want to give and receive compliments more often.

We're not talking a fuchsia pantsuit. Just a pop of color—say, in a necklace or scarf—can light up your face, and your mood. Not sure what to add to your wardrobe of black and greige? Try blue: "It's universally considered a 'happy' color, and there's a shade that looks good on everyone," says fashion stylist Joe Lupo, coauthor of Life in Color.

If your skin tone is warm it looks yellow-orange next to a piece of white paperchoose royal blues; if your complexion is cool it has a more pinkish casttry icier blues or aquas.

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When you wear clothes in the smaller size that you want to be or once werethe feeling of constriction sends a constant al to your brain that you're not thin enough. This isn't an appeal for elastic waistbands "Looking like a schlump won't do much for your body image either," McGonigal says but for clothes that are both elegant and comfortable—in the size you are now.

Unless you live off the grid and if you're reading this, you probably don'tyou're bombarded with media images of willowy, poreless women case in point: the above. It's human nature to compare yourself with these images—but if you're not a supermodel, you'll come up short. Until such pictures are stamped with warning labels an idea British and French lawmakers have proposedwhen you catch yourself in the act of comparing, remember that these pictures are incredibly unrealistic—engineered by teams of lighting experts, makeup artists, and a tricky little computer application called Photoshop.

They're created to make you feel insecure and encourage you to open your wallet. Recent research shows that our social networks have a profound effect on our behaviors and attitudes—including how we perceive our appearance. We mean that literally, as in change your lightbulbs. White-coated incandescent bulbs cast a wash of soft, pretty light, says lighting expert Dan Blitzer, president of the Practical Lighting Workshop. The Philips Natural and GE Reveal brands also filter out yellow tones for a clean white light that goes easy on all skin tones. Consider the placement of your light fixtures as well: "When light reaches your face from all directions, it minimizes lines and shadows," says Blitzer.

In your bathroom, replace overhead lighting with fixtures on either side of your mirror. How to Feel Gorgeous. How to love your look. The guide to evening eyes. Five real makeovers—from inside out. More Health and Wellness.

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